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Rather than Quitting, Consider This

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Whether it's a bad job or an unhealthy diet, we all have moments when we consider quitting. Quitting is not always the worst course of action. While we have been taught that quitting means failure, some activities or relationships are not worth continuing. It is critical to make a conscious decision to stop or continue, rather than a reflexive one.

Avoid quitting prematurely:

1. Press and hold the pause button. The majority of poor decisions could be avoided with a brief pause. When you are stressed, overworked, exhausted, and frustrated, unwise choices become the norm. Allow yourself the time necessary to make an informed choice. Allow your mind to clear before making a life-altering decision. The majority of decisions can be delayed.

2. Maintain an objective perspective on the situation. Attempt to maintain objectivity and carefully weigh the situation. Hire a Life Coach that is both unbiased and free from giving advice.

3. Take a look at the worst-case scenario. Consider the long term. When only the immediate consequences are considered, quitting is an easy choice. You can almost immediately alleviate your stress! What, however, are the long-term ramifications? What happens if you lose your job and are unable to find another?

• If the long-term consequences of quitting are too severe, reconsider. A moment's relief is not worth the long-term pain.

• Who will be impacted by your decision to quit? Who is your superior? Coworkers? Family? Your softball team members? Who is harmed?

• How are you communicating with your children? What would you advise a child in a similar situation? Your children are constantly on the lookout. Ensure that you set a positive example.

4. Determine whether a new approach is necessary. Perhaps you should reconsider quitting. Maybe you require a new strategy. Not achieving the desired results is not always a sign that you should give up. Ineffective results indicate an inefficient process. Perhaps all that is required is a slight adjustment to your approach. Numerous failed attempts frequently precede significant accomplishments.

5. Inquire as to why you are contemplating quitting. Is it because you doubt your ability to succeed? Do you lack the necessary resources? Are you dissatisfied with your job, activity, or relationship? Are you short on time?

• Certain reasons for quitting are preferable to others. Quitting a second job that you no longer require to spend more time with your children is a valid reason to do so. Terminating your marriage because your spouse refuses to pick up his dirty socks may seem excessive.

• Is there an alternative to quitting?

6. Consider the times in the past when you gave up. What are your thoughts on those events? Was your decision to quit a good idea, or do you regret it? How are you likely to feel in the future about leaving if you remain in your current situation?

7. Occasionally, it is necessary to lower your head and continue. At times, quitting is the best course of action. However, when the best option is not available, it is necessary to remain strong and persevere. Maintain that horrible job until you have a replacement lined up. Consider counselling before ending another relationship.

• If quitting is your default coping mechanism, you will never accomplish anything.

Consider your options carefully before making a snap decision. Quitting is not something to take lightly. Consider the consequences of abandoning, consult a trusted friend, and consider your history before making the decision. In some cases, quitting is irreversible. Avoid creating long-term obstacles to alleviate short-term stress. Allow yourself the time necessary to make an informed choice.

Remember that growth begins outside of your comfort zone. If you are unsure what you should do or need clarity, now is the best time to book a discovery call with Randy Belham - Life Coach!

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Start Your Transformational Journey with Randy Belham's Newsletter!

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