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Is a Life Coach the Right Fit for You?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The practice of life coaching is a relatively young one. A life coach's role is to assist you in creating a life that fulfils you. Many people have extolled the virtues of life coaches, claiming that they have improved their lives.

Consider the following advantages of hiring a life coach:

1. You can finally decide what you want to do with your life. Life coaches are excellent at creating clarity for you and choose what you want for your life. You will be able to create your ideal life in order to maximize your fulfilment.

2. You will raise your expectations. Many of your problems are most likely the result of having too low standards. You may be too quick to settle, accepting jobs that are beneath your abilities or entering into relationships that aren't beneficial to you. Your boundaries may be shaky and unclear.

• A life coach will assist you in overcoming these obstacles.

3. You will be held accountable. If you decide to start working out every morning on your own and then fail to do so, you can tell yourself that you'll start again tomorrow. A life coach, on the other hand, will keep you on track.

• One reason this strategy works is that most of us find it painful to let others down. And the majority of us dislike being in "trouble."

4. Your life will become more balanced as a result. We all have a tendency to overemphasize certain things while underemphasizing others. A life coach will compel you to pay attention to all aspects of your life.

5. You will be compelled to stretch yourself. Have you ever noticed how some people never seem to change? They are exactly the same as they were ten or more years ago. Life is all about learning and applying what you've learned to achieve better results. If your life is always the same, you're either not learning or not putting what you've learned into practice.

• Your life coach will get you to do everything you should and want to do but can't seem to get yourself to do.

6. You will work through your difficulties with the support of an expert. Dealing with difficulties can be frightening. Having an expert on your side can make a world of difference. Two heads are truly better than one. All we need from time to time is a little encouragement and support. It can be a great way to get out of a rut.

7. You'll have someone who is as ecstatic about your accomplishments as you are! Have you ever done something that makes you proud, only to discover that your family, friends, or significant other aren't as impressed?

• Having someone congratulate you on your accomplishments creates momentum. Momentum enables you to achieve even greater feats.

8. You'll solve problems you didn't even know you had. A coach is usually hired for a specific reason. However, as you go through the coaching process, you'll discover that there are other issues that are just as important, also known as 'blind spots.' With a good life coach, there is nowhere to hide.

If you feel stuck and truly want to change, life coaching can be a great option. Do you recognize yourself in any of the statements above? Have you tried but been unable to change your life? If this

is the case, a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, such as myself can make a significant difference in your life. The best part is that the first call is free.

Think about your desires and your ability to bring them to fruition on your own. If you believe you could benefit from some assistance, hiring me as a life coach could be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

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Start Your Transformational Journey with Randy Belham's Newsletter!

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