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9 Reasons We Give Up

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

We admire people that never seem to give up. Yet, most of us realize that we give up far too quickly. It’s not something we’re proud of, and it’s obvious how much more we could have accomplished with a little more determination. Most people fail to understand why they give up quickly, but perseverance is a skill that can be cultivated.

The first step is to gain some insight into why you give up before you succeed.

Consider these reasons:

1. We care too much about the opinions of others. This is a bad habit we learn at a young age. It doesn’t take too long in Kindergarten to quickly realize that others judge us, and sometimes, quite harshly. In time, many of us grow out of this to some extent, but it still lingers in most.

  1. The fact is that few people care one way or the other. You might as well do your thing and avoid worrying about what others might think.

2. We don’t know how to use failure properly. Failure is part of the process of succeeding. You’ll rarely figure out the best way to do something on your first effort. Failure is just an undesired result. It says nothing about you. Just learn and try again.

3. We don’t care enough. Sometimes we bite off more than our motivation can conquer. The solution is to choose wisely. Avoid taking on goals and projects that aren’t exciting to you. Your time is precious.

4. We’re too outcome-oriented. The process must be enjoyed as much as possible. There aren’t that many things that are worth suffering for years to attain. Is it worth winning a gold medal if you hated every minute of your life for ten years? Find a goal that you can enjoy working on.

5. We lack self-confidence. When we expect to fail, we won’t even get started. What would be the point? Building self-confidence will allow you to be more successful by permitting you to try in the first place. With low self-confidence, you’ll give up quickly.

6. We lack self-esteem. Sometimes, we don’t think we deserve to be successful. So, we find ways to sabotage ourselves and excuses to quit. Believe that you deserve what you’re trying to achieve, and you’ll last longer in your pursuit of it.

7. We like our distractions too much. Eating salad isn’t as much fun as eating French fries. Practicing piano isn’t as much fun as watching Game of Thrones. Distraction can be progress killers. Set aside time to indulge in your distractions after your work is done.

8. We lack responsibility. It’s easy to blame others for our setbacks. It’s necessary to own your life, your failures, and your successes. No one is coming on a white horse to rescue you or to do the work for you. The ball is in your court. 9. We have bad habits. Bad habits are well-ingrained distractions. They steal our attention and time. They can even be harmful. Quitting when things get tough can be a habit. Think about your habits and determine which makes you more likely to give up.

Why do you give up?

Once you can answer that question accurately, you can create a plan to overcome it.

Few obstacles can withstand someone with enough persistence. You don’t have to be born with this gift. It can be developed. Just think about how different your life would be if you never gave up! You can still create that life.

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