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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself (And Stay Motivated)

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Motivation is commonplace when you're on your way to the beach or shopping for a new car. However, some tasks are unpleasant, and motivation can be challenging to come by. Motivating others is a skill, and several techniques can be beneficial. Nonetheless, self-motivation is one of the most critical abilities you can possess.

When you're looking to boost your motivation, consider the following:

1. Focus on the result rather than the journey to get there.

When you become bogged down by a large project, remind yourself of the objective. It's challenging to get started when 100 hours of work or 50 pounds of weight loss are required. If your motivation is waning, remind yourself of how great you will feel once the objective is accomplished. Creating a vision board is an incredible tool to help keep the goal alive.

2. Establish regular breaks.

While working for eight hours straight may seem daunting, knowing that you can take breaks allows your mind to clear sufficiently to focus intently on the project at hand. Approach your workload using the Pomodoro technique working in 25-minute increments, and you'll be finished in no time.

3. Take a stand and move around.

A brief bout of vigorous exercise can boost creativity, sharpen the mind, and alleviate stress. Locate an activity that is appropriate for your surroundings.

4. Reward yourself for reaching milestones.

Consider a few self-indulgences you find motivating. Divide your work into manageable chunks and reward yourself with small rewards as you reach milestones.

• These rewards may be small. A cup of coffee or a brief break may be all that is required to get through a difficult period.

5. Take whatever steps are necessary to get started.

It's remarkable how motivation can appear seemingly out of nowhere if you take the first step. It is a mistake to wait for inspiration to begin. You're likely to discover that the work wasn't nearly as unpleasant as you imagined. You're likely to be impressed with your progress and motivated.

• Do whatever it takes to get started, whether it's writing one sentence, making one phone call, or performing one pushup.

6. Get inspired by a song or video.

YouTube is brimming with inspirational film clips and slideshows. Perhaps there is a song that motivates you. A few minutes spent on this type of activity can be pretty beneficial. Consider listening to music or watching a video during your break.

• Avoid becoming distracted and squandering valuable time. Five minutes is sufficient!

7. Create a list of the benefits you will receive after completing your goals.

  • Will you ever have enough money to pay off all of your debts and take a vacation?

  • Will you be proud to flaunt your physique on the beach?

  • Are you capable of realizing your dream of admission to graduate school?

Keep the list close at hand and refer to it whenever your motivation wanes.

Strive to improve your capacity for self-motivation. Self-motivation is a critical component of living a successful life. Bear in mind that sometimes the most challenging task is simply taking the first step. Begin, and you'll notice that your motivation grows!

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Start Your Transformational Journey with Randy Belham's Newsletter!

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