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Who Am I? Exploring Identity and Purpose through the Practice of Meditation

If you're like most adults, you define yourself based on external expectations and activities. You associate your identity with factors such as your occupation and family responsibilities.

CEO, boss, manager meditating

That can make you feel uprooted when your circumstances change!

Perhaps you lose your job, or your children leave for college. You may be wondering who you are and what your life's purpose is. Or you may be so preoccupied that you have yet to acknowledge that you feel a little lost.

Meditation is one way to increase your self-awareness and appreciation. Make time for yourself and use the following ideas to help you find yourself.

Meditation for Self-Understanding:

1. Power down your phone. It is difficult to get to know oneself when one is bombarded with distractions. Schedule time to disconnect daily. In addition to your meditation sessions, you can turn off all electronic devices during meals and an hour before bedtime.

power down your phone

2. Be mindful of your thoughts. Utilize your meditation time to slow down, delve deeper, and discover your thoughts. Observe your thoughts and emotions without attaching to them. You will begin to distinguish yourself from your fleeting thoughts and impressions.

3. Scan your body. Do you only consider your body when you're concerned that your hips are expanding or when you're attempting to flatten your stomach? Examine your body from head to toe. Concentrate on practising good posture and relaxing. Forget searching for defects.

4. Examine your values. Your principles and convictions comprise the essence of your being. They help to define your identity. Ensure that you are constructing your life around something of value.

5. Evaluate your motivations. Are you wandering aimlessly or making deliberate decisions? Meditation allows you to investigate the motivations behind your actions. You can break old habits that are hindering your progress.

6. Practise mindfulness. Maintain complete presence between sessions of meditation. Instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, focus on the present.

Meditation for Self-Appreciation:

1. Practise acceptance. Accept yourself in your entirety. Stop making snap decisions and harsh criticisms. Remember that you are sufficient in your current state.

2. Eliminate stress. Use meditation and other healthy stress-relieving techniques to demonstrate your care for yourself. You will strengthen your heart and reduce your risk for diabetes, hypertension, depression, and a host of other conditions.

3. Extend forgiveness. Are there any grudges you hold against yourself? Forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Imagine a future in which learning from experience is prioritized over self-criticism.

woman forgiving self

4. Acknowledge your progress. Consider how far you've come. Recognize the achievements you've made in your career and personal life. Let your past successes inspire you to set new challenges.

5. Express gratitude. Consider the many blessings in your life, particularly the family and friends who have contributed to your success and happiness. Gratitude enables you to view yourself and others with more affection and consideration.

6. Reiterate affirmations. Create a list of affirmations that you can use during meditation as a mantra. Choose words and phrases that encourage you to persevere.

7. Develop a resolution. Finish your meditation sessions by assigning yourself a practical task. Plan a fun activity for the upcoming weekend, or bake yourself a cake.

Utilize meditation to determine who you are and what you must do to live a meaningful life.

Exploring your thoughts, emotions, and actions is the first step in gaining wisdom and becoming happier. As your self-awareness increases, you will make wiser decisions and have more fulfilling experiences.

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Start Your Transformational Journey with Randy Belham's Newsletter!

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