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What is a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Let’s start by stating what a life coach is not. A life coach is not a therapist (psychologist) or a consultant offering advice. Those professions exist for a reason, and they should not be confused with life coaching.

A psychologist will spend vast amounts of time in the past. They are seeking patterns and undoing

old trauma.

The direction of a Life Coach is precisely in the opposite direction. A Life Coach will help you gain

Jay Shetty Life Coach

awareness about your current self, dive deep into setting big goals and guide you into building your path to success.

A Life Coach that is certified from the Jay Shetty Certification School has learned a solid, proven framework that gets people to move towards their best versions.

The first area of exploration begins with gaining awareness with your now. What is going in your life right now? What areas of your life make you happy? Where are you spending most of your time? Do your values reflect your current state? Are you at the place you said you would be at? Going deep requires reflection, and having a great coach that can hold that mirror up for you requires talent and knowledge.

When was the last time you discussed your fears with zero biases and would not be judged or offered an unsolicited opinion on the matter? Unless you have worked with a life coach, then the answer is likely ‘never.

Once the Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach guides a client to gain self-awareness and discover accountability, we move to set and define a big goal. A goal has to fit into the acronym S.M.A.R.T. :






Then on to building new habits and releasing old ones to get to the desired level of conscious competence.

When competency mastery is at the highest level, you will achieve your goal no matter what it is as long as it fits within the SMART parameters.

Jay Shetty Certification School

The work is hard, and the journey can appear long; meeting with a Jay Shetty Certified Coach every week helps tremendously to recharge the batteries, supply you with a dose of motivation, and work out the challenges and roadblocks.

If you are considering a life coach, then make the decision now, without hesitation, and book a Discovery Call by clicking on this link:

It is a complimentary call that will explain further the role of a life coach and see where you are at in the present moment.

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