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So What is Your Life Purpose?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you're here? After all, you were born with a unique set of passions and abilities that no one else in the world possesses! Discovering your life's purpose enables you to maximize your self-fulfillment by utilizing your particular assortment of emotions and skills.

Randy Belham - finding your purpose

When you're doing what you feel you were born to do, you can build a life that you genuinely enjoy. Your goals will take on new significance for you, and obstacles will become naturally simpler to conquer as you joyously pursue them.

This discovering of your life purpose enables you to connect with your inner self and find out what motivates you. Take the time to find your purpose - your life will undoubtedly improve!


This process does not require an open mind, but it is highly beneficial. It makes no difference if you believe something will not work; it only means it will take longer. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and about an hour of peace.

While performing this exercise, make an effort to clear your mind as much as possible. The more composed your thinking is, the more quickly and easily the process will proceed. Additionally, perform this activity when you are relaxed, alone, and unlikely to be disturbed.

The Procedure

1. Concentrate on your intention.

"This is my life purpose," write at the top of your page. This simple step establishes your intention for the following hour in your thoughts.

2. Begin by jotting down your thoughts - even your doubts about this approach.

While you're emptying your mind and focusing on this process, jot down anything that comes to mind. If you're thinking, "This isn't going to work," you'd write, "This isn't going to work."

3. Brainstorm.

Getting started is as simple as answering these questions. Then continue to journal your thoughts until you discover your life's purpose.

• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

• Which skills would you like to develop further? Why?

• What are your interests?

• Do you take pleasure in assisting others? Who?

• Have you desired a role in philanthropy?

• What recreational activities do you enjoy?

• What have you constantly desired to undertake but have yet to accomplish?

• With whom do you love spending the most time? Adults? Children? Why?

• Are you an animal lover?

• Do you enjoy travelling?

• Do you desire a greater sense of adventure in your life?

• Which books or films are your favourites? Why?

• What is your attitude toward your relationships?

• Are you interested in politics or foreign affairs?

• What is your highest priority in life? Family? Work? What else?

4. How will you determine this?

You will intuitively know. It will be the response that elicits the most emotion in you. You may even shed a tear. The idea will resonate with you, and there will be no room for doubt. Keep writing whatever comes to mind until you arrive at that moment.

• Frequently, responses will repeat themselves. Additionally, a great deal of irrelevant nonsense is going to surface. Our minds can be a little disorganized, as this exercise will demonstrate. Allow nothing you write to divert your attention from your aims; strange things frequently end up on the page.

• There will be multiple reasonable solutions along the way, but keep in mind that you're seeking the big one. When you notice good ones but not "it," this indicates that you are on the right track but not quite there yet.

• You're on the lookout for that one concept that feels overwhelming. It is usual for your life purpose to reveal itself in less than 100 ideas throughout this exercise, but it can take up to 400. Don't stop writing.

How Can I Use My Life Purpose to My Advantage?

Once you've identified your purpose, always strive to uphold it. To accomplish this, keep it constantly in your mind. "Is this (insert activity here) consistent with my ultimate purpose?" A life spent in this manner, with purpose and direction, is a life worth living.

Do not delay any longer; set a time to complete this task when you have some quiet time. Understanding why you're here is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself.

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