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Countering and Resolving Holiday Stress

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Countering and resolving stress can be a struggle for anyone during the holidays. Numerous factors can contribute to this type of stress:

• Family dinners and the new covid variant

• Limitation on gatherings

• Coping with grief

• Hectic stores

• Long queues

• Purchasing of gifts

• Conflicts

Additionally, you may have lofty expectations, which adds to the stress of the holiday season. The days when the season was eagerly anticipated and a sense of magic in the air are long gone. As an adult, the season may seem more stressful than joyful.

• Regrettably, you may even consider holiday stress to be a necessary holiday tradition these days!

Here are some strategies for countering and resolving holiday stress:

1. Are you overextended in your commitments?

The holidays are typically associated with a plethora of social gatherings to which most of us feel obligated to attend. Add the new covid variant into the mix, and your stress levels may be off the charts. The reality is that you are not required to participate in every event you are invited to.

• By declining some invitations, you'll gain more time for yourself!

It's critical to remember and appreciate the holiday spirit. If saying "no" is necessary to maintain some sanity, go for it! Others will be more forgiving than you believe. Besides, covid allows for an easy way to decline invitations.

• Avoid becoming so burdened that you secretly wish the season would end sooner. Allow yourself time to be alone. Allow yourself to do something enjoyable without worrying about holiday stress, whether it's a yoga class or a bubble bath.

2. Continuing traditions.

We may have witnessed our mothers prepare a multi-course Christmas dinner as children. Perhaps hosting a lavish holiday party was routine. Maybe your family made hundreds of Christmas cookies to distribute to friends and family.

• While tradition is admirable, avoid becoming so enmeshed in it that it consumes you.

If you discover that the routine you usually follow for the sake of tradition is weighing you down and causing you more stress than you can handle, abandon it! When you are free of this stress, you will be happier.

• Rather than living up to the expectations of previous generations, establish your own, more relaxed traditions. Rather than throwing a grandiose party, invite a few close friends over for tea and cookies. Allow other family members to contribute side dishes to the holiday meal instead of cooking everything yourself.

3. Choosing the ideal gift.

There is so much pressure to purchase the perfect gift for each person that shopping becomes unpleasant. Bear in mind that people are generally appreciative of any gift they receive. They do not expect you to scour every nook and cranny of the globe in search of an extraordinary present for them.

• Avoid wasting time and money by omitting the wrapping! The primary emphasis is on creativity. You can even give year-round gifts. For instance, you could include a coupon in the card for a free night of babysitting, a day of yard work, or something else that is unique.

• Shopping online has simplified the process of finding gifts. Additionally, purchasing online may be more cost-effective and a big time saver, as many retailers offer special sales or free shipping around the holidays.

As you can see, there are several effective strategies for countering and resolving holiday stress. The trick is to determine the source of your stress and eliminate it. Finally, you'll realize that most of your focus results from the expectations you place on yourself.

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Start Your Transformational Journey with Randy Belham's Newsletter!

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